The rose purse.

The rose purse with tassel is back in stock. It is the perfect companion for a day in the city or a night out with your friends. Shop this beauty here.

Designed with ♥ in Switzerland


Ring love.

Soon we will launch a new collection of fine precious stone rings in 18 carat solid gold. I am wearing the green Emerald ring since a few weeks and I just love it. I never have to think about taking it off because it is made of solid gold. I will update you soon when the rings will be available on our online shop.


Hello back.

It is almost a year ago since I made my last blogpost. I was busy with my work, my new online shop and with a little precious growing in my belly. This August, my third son was born and I am extremely happy and thankful to have him in our family now. I would like to turn my blog - which was until now a style and design focused blog - into a more personal journal of my life as a mother, a designer and a world traveller. I hope you will like my posts and follow my journey. Love Franziska.




Colour splash.

I like a lot to experiment with different techniques while working with water colours. It is always a challenge to digitalize the patterns and not to compromise in the quality of the watercolour effects once it gets digitalized for a cushion or bedlinen design.





Linen Cotton tea towels.

I'm always happy and proud to see our products in the shops. My absolute favourite this season are the handwoven striped Cotton Linen kitchen towels. As I love to cook and bake and spend much time in our kitchen, I cannot get enough of these little helpers. Available at Pfister.



Oh my autumn.

Even though I have splendid weather here most of the time, I sometimes miss the fours seasons very much. Especially the autumn season. I miss the sound of walking through the dry leaves in the forest, eating the first chestnuts from the local seller and wrapping me into a cozy scarf to prevent from a cold. Not to talk about fresh apples, pears and grapes. I wish my kids could experience the seasons how I did when I was a child...





* online *

I'm very happy that we are finally online with our handmade products. The high-quality products of the Lili Pepper collection are designed and produced in Switzerland and Bangalore, India. All of the prints and patterns are hand-drawn and finished with great attention to detail.

*Enjoy shopping *

Art Aurea Issue 01/16.

Our laundry bags got featured in the actual issue of ART AUREA. Art Aurea is a magazine for art-loving people who like outstanding things and objects from renowned, international artists, ateliers and manufactories. The article is a portrait of seven designers who live abroad and manufacture their designs in cooperation with local specialists. Below you can read the full text which was published in the magazine:

"Drawing on Ample Resources

Forms and concepts disseminate around the globe in milliseconds via the internet in today’s digital age. Artworks and products are exhibited and sold worldwide. International encounters regularly take place at seminars and workshops. Never before have so many designers studied and worked in foreign countries. The sources of inspiration are seemingly infinite. It’s not easy to develop one’s own unmistakable style, but the benefits of intercultural dialogue make the effort well worthwhile. We present seven examples.

Swiss-Indian Coproduction

Wedding Indian crafting techniques to modern design concepts is the passion of Franziska Carnevale, who lives in India with her family. Since 2010, this Swiss textile designer has been creating small fashion, home textile and furniture collections under her own Lili Pepper label, in collaboration with Indian specialists. Her product range includes cotton scarves, cushion and pillow cases, as well as woven chairs inspired by those that were all the rage in India in the 1950s. Her most recent creations are laundry baskets, made of fabrics that are woven and silk-screen-printed in cooperatives in Andra Pradesh and then sewn together in her own leather manufactory. Afterwards, the edges are embroidered by women, who thus earn some additional income for their families. “Although or precisely because I live in India, I attach great importance to sustainable production, and I meticulously examine those I collaborate with,” she says, having developed a heightened sensitivity for this in her previous function as a designer and key account manager at the Remei AG company, one of Switzerland’s leading organic cotton producers."