Art Aurea Issue 01/16.

Our laundry bags got featured in the actual issue of ART AUREA. Art Aurea is a magazine for art-loving people who like outstanding things and objects from renowned, international artists, ateliers and manufactories. The article is a portrait of seven designers who live abroad and manufacture their designs in cooperation with local specialists. Below you can read the full text which was published in the magazine:

"Drawing on Ample Resources

Forms and concepts disseminate around the globe in milliseconds via the internet in today’s digital age. Artworks and products are exhibited and sold worldwide. International encounters regularly take place at seminars and workshops. Never before have so many designers studied and worked in foreign countries. The sources of inspiration are seemingly infinite. It’s not easy to develop one’s own unmistakable style, but the benefits of intercultural dialogue make the effort well worthwhile. We present seven examples.

Swiss-Indian Coproduction

Wedding Indian crafting techniques to modern design concepts is the passion of Franziska Carnevale, who lives in India with her family. Since 2010, this Swiss textile designer has been creating small fashion, home textile and furniture collections under her own Lili Pepper label, in collaboration with Indian specialists. Her product range includes cotton scarves, cushion and pillow cases, as well as woven chairs inspired by those that were all the rage in India in the 1950s. Her most recent creations are laundry baskets, made of fabrics that are woven and silk-screen-printed in cooperatives in Andra Pradesh and then sewn together in her own leather manufactory. Afterwards, the edges are embroidered by women, who thus earn some additional income for their families. “Although or precisely because I live in India, I attach great importance to sustainable production, and I meticulously examine those I collaborate with,” she says, having developed a heightened sensitivity for this in her previous function as a designer and key account manager at the Remei AG company, one of Switzerland’s leading organic cotton producers."

Make your own Advent’s wreath!

On your wreath, get set, go!

The pre-Christmas period is often associated with the stress of present buying, cold, grey, foggy days.

Lili Pepper and Bits & Bobs would like to bring you some comfort and warmth: Let’s rekindle an old tradition and make our own Advent wreaths. On Saturday, 26th of November at Bits & Bobs’, naturally in proper style with mulled wine and cake. Hopefully you will be able to go home in the evening with your very own special Advent wreath,just waiting to be light up festively on the next day – true Christmas atmosphere for yourself and your loved ones!

You are all thumbs and handicraft work is a vague childhood memory? No problem: We will make sure you have the right material and will guide you with expert advice in a fun and cosy circle

Sign yourself and your girlfriends up until the 18th November by mail to Lili Pepper. There’s room for 6-8 participants and the whole thing including all materials as well as mulled wine and cake will cost 100 francs. On your tree, get set, go!

You will receive more information as soon as you’ve signed up. If you have any questions in the mean time, don’t hesitate to send us an email.

We look forward to having you there!

An die Kränze, fertig, los!

Die Vorweihnachtszeit ist oft geprägt vom Geschenke-Stress und kalt-grauen Hochnebel-Tagen. Mittendrin möchten Lili Pepper und Bits & Bobs für etwas Wärme sorgen:  Lass uns eine alte Tradition aufleben lassen und zusammen einen Adventskranz basteln! Am Samstag, 26. November im Bits & Bobs, natürlich Stilecht bei Glühwein und Kuchen. Am Abend kehrst du heim in deine gute alte Stube mit deinem ganz persönlichen Adventskranz, der nur darauf wartet, feierlich angezündet zu werden und seiner Bestimmung nachzukommen: echte Weihnachtsstimmung für dich und deine Liebsten zu verbreiten.

Du hast zwei linke Hände und Basteln ist nur noch eine vage Kindheitserinnerung? Kein Problem: Wir sorgen für Material und fachkundige Anleitung und hoffen auf eine lustige Runde. Melde dich und deine Freundinnen an bis zum 18. November per E-Mail an Lili Pepper. Platz hat’s für 6-8 TeilnehmerInnen und kosten tut’s für Kurs, Material und Hilfsmittel sowie Glühwein und Kuchen pauschal 100 Franken. An die Tannen, fertig, los!

Weitere Informationen folgen nach der Anmeldung. Sende uns einfach eine E-Mail, wenn du noch Fragen hast.

Wir freuen uns auf dich!

Franziska & Tania

DIY* wind chimes.

Today I show you how you can make a wind chimes by yourself. In fact it is very easy to do it and the effect is great when you hang it on your balcony and the wind is blowing into the wind chime. You need old plastic bags, a filament in silver or gold and a calliper.

Cut the plastic bags into long stripes.

Form the filament into a wheel, where you can fix the cutted stripes with glue or staples. Fix them all around and keep the balance of colour and material.

Hang it on your balcony and *finished.

DIY* crochet basket.

My last birthday I have received a “do it yourself crochet basket kit”. This is a package from FROSTA design, including 2 balls of jersey strings, a crochet hook and an instruction booklet. Now, 4 month later it was time for me, to start this project and to crochet…It was very hard to start as I had no idea of how to translate the different crochet codes in the manual. Finally my friend Patrizia, who is very strong in knitting and crocheting, could help me out and the crocheting could start…



DIY* personalize your shirt.

Having a new shirt is nice, but having a shirt which nobody else has is even better. This is why today I give you an idea, how you could personalize your shirts. Be inspired and enjoy handicraft*

You need a shirt, a piece of leather, scissors and a glue. First you cut the leather into the shape you like to have, then you fix it on the shirt with glue.

Then you sew the leather on the shirt, either by machine, or by hand.


DIY* silver workshop in Koh Phangan, Thailand.

As I’m fond of jewellery making and always interested in learning new techniques, I took the chance, to attend a silver workshop on my travel through Thailand, in Koh phangan. The workshop lasted one day and was accomplished by Yot, a thai silver smith, living in Thongsala.


Yot explained to me and Linn, a Girl from Norway, how to use the tools and how to heat the silver with the gas flame. After having done first experiences with the material on test pieces, we were ready to create our own jewellery. I chose a green Fluorit from his stone stock to make a frame around and wear it as a necklace.

 After cutting, heating and melting, my silver piece looked like this.

Now the piece had to be treated with the file. This is hard work, as on all the connections, the black parts must be filed away.

After all, the finished silver parts had to lay in a chemical bath for half an hour. Then Yot filed it by machine to clean it.

And here is the result, my own made silver jewellery, I like!

If you do not have time to attend a silver workshop then do not miss to visit Yot’s shop in Thongsala.