STILLEBEN, Copenhagen.

I have discovered a very nice store on my trip to Copenhagen before Christmas, which I want to share with you. The shop is called STILLEBEN and has a very well selected range of furniture, home accessories, tableware and decoration, as well as some nice jewellery labels. Have a look at my pictures, maybe next time you go to Copenhagen you will be inspired to visit this shop as well…


STILLEBEN, Niels Hemmingsensgade 3, 1153 Copenhagen.

Open from Monday to Friday, 10.00 a.m. to 6 p.m., Saturday from 10.00 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Lili Peppers’ favourites in Copenhagen.

This post is dedicated to my favourite places, shops and restaurants I have discovered in Copenhagen. I’m starting with HAY, furniture, accessories and design shop. HAY was established in 2002. The topic of the founder Rolf Hay, was to encourage Danish designers to go ahead, to liberate from famous former designers and to create a new Danish design in a contemporary context. HAY sells furniture, cushions, bed linen, carpets, dishes and a lot more nice things. Have a look!


Dishes from Donna Wilson, I like.

Martin and Tanya, working at HAY: Martin likes eating at Madklubben or Cocks n Cows, Tanya likes to go to Pastïs at Gothersgade 52, a french bistrot and MASH, a steakhouse. Their favourite club is the TS Bar.


Another store or brand I like to point out is HOPE. HOPE is a swedish brand, created by Ann Ringstrand and Stefan Söderberg. I like the brand as it has various collections. You can choose from Main, Smart, Market and Essential Collection, depending on the occasion you like to wear the styles and on your budget. My favourite ist the Market collection, a selection of Hope seasonal “must-haves” and recognized styles in the brand’s signature design and materials. Have a look at their website!

Lis, working at HOPE: My favourite place in Kopenhagen is the K-Bar , a tiny bar with great cocktails.

More shops which you should visit are: Cheap monday, Gant Rugger, PARISTEXAS, Flying A (Kronprinsensgade), Superlove, Monki, Pieces, Illums Bolighus. Most of the shops are situated in the city center, but you can also borrow a bike and discover the other districts.

Mette, working at cheap monday likes to go to the district Nørrebro.

Daniel, working at Gant Rugger: My favourite district is Christiania to chill at the lake and have a cup of coffee.

Links in the article:

Shops: HAY, Cheap monday, Gant Rugger, PARISTEXAS, Flying A (Kronprinsensgade), Superlove, Monki, Pieces, Illums Bolighus. / Restaurant& Bar: Madklubben, Cocks n Cows, Pastïs at Gothersgade 52, MASH, TS Bar, Fishmarket (my favourite). / Places to go: Indre by, Christiania, Nørrebro and many more…

Streetstyles Copenhagen.

Part two of my Copenhagen posts is dedicated to streetstyle pictures from people living in Copenhagen. I’m still thinking of my stay in Copenhagen. It was so inspiring and I’ve met so cool people. ♥ Thank you to all my streetstyle models of being so spontaneous and open minded and for giving me secret hints where to go in Copenhagen. See you there!

Mia likes to go to Vesterbro, this is her favourite disctrict, especially in summer.

Magnus’ favourite restaurant is called MASH, where you can eat the best steaks in town.

Sun Hee likes to go to the Cinema Empire Bio in Guldbergsgade 29.

Julie likes the Café mont blanc in Pilestræde to have a sandwich or to hang over.

Ida likes to go to Assistens Kirkegården in summer.

style="Katrine likes to shop clothes at Pede & Stoffer.

Anne likes HAY, a furniture, accessories and design store.

Sebastian likes Wood Wood, a clothes store.

Amanda likes Islandbrygge, her favourite district to bicycle.

Laerke likes to go to Blågårdsgade street, as it has nice cafés and shops there.

Anna likes to go to Christiania, the open minded hippie district in Copenhagen.

Links in the article: MASH, Pede & Stoffer, HAY, Wood Wood

Urban Outfitters, Copenhagen.

Last week I have visited Copenhagen. WOW, I was impressed by the city, the people and the stores! I have never seen so well dressed people, nice store concepts and so much good design in one place. I will show you several posts about Copenhagen, starting today with one of my favourite stores I have visited: URBAN OUTFITTERS. I like the variety of the store. They sell garments, accessories, books, paintings, dishes….everything you might like if you are fond of good taste and style. I wished we had one of these nice stores in Switzerland as well… Be inspired.

The men section at Urban Outfitters. Nice clothes, books, good music and style.


I asked the people I took a picture of,  where they would suggest me to go in Copenhagen. They gave me a lot of secret hints I want to share with you and where you could have a look on your next trip to CPH.

Przemek, working at UO: “My favourite café in Copenhagen is Bang&Jensen, my favourite store is HOPE.”


Chris, working at UO: “If you want to eat the best Sandwiches and Pizza in town, then go to PIZZA&SANDWICH, a little take away in Svaærtegade 11.”

Ladies section at Urban Outfitters ♥


Dressing rooms. 

Louisa, working at UO: “I like to go to The Moose Bar in Sværtegade 5.”


Nanna, working at UO: “I like to go to PARADIS IS, they have the best Ice cream in town.”

A big thank you to the whole Urban Outfitters team for their kindness and spontaneity, especially to Przemek, Chris, Louisa and Nanna !

Urban Outfitters, Ostergade 42 B, 1100 Kobenhavn.

Links in the article: URBAN OUTFITTERS, Bang&Jensen, HOPE.