Urban Outfitters, Copenhagen.

Last week I have visited Copenhagen. WOW, I was impressed by the city, the people and the stores! I have never seen so well dressed people, nice store concepts and so much good design in one place. I will show you several posts about Copenhagen, starting today with one of my favourite stores I have visited: URBAN OUTFITTERS. I like the variety of the store. They sell garments, accessories, books, paintings, dishes….everything you might like if you are fond of good taste and style. I wished we had one of these nice stores in Switzerland as well… Be inspired.

The men section at Urban Outfitters. Nice clothes, books, good music and style.


I asked the people I took a picture of,  where they would suggest me to go in Copenhagen. They gave me a lot of secret hints I want to share with you and where you could have a look on your next trip to CPH.

Przemek, working at UO: “My favourite café in Copenhagen is Bang&Jensen, my favourite store is HOPE.”


Chris, working at UO: “If you want to eat the best Sandwiches and Pizza in town, then go to PIZZA&SANDWICH, a little take away in Svaærtegade 11.”

Ladies section at Urban Outfitters ♥


Dressing rooms. 

Louisa, working at UO: “I like to go to The Moose Bar in Sværtegade 5.”


Nanna, working at UO: “I like to go to PARADIS IS, they have the best Ice cream in town.”

A big thank you to the whole Urban Outfitters team for their kindness and spontaneity, especially to Przemek, Chris, Louisa and Nanna !

Urban Outfitters, Ostergade 42 B, 1100 Kobenhavn.

Links in the article: URBAN OUTFITTERS, Bang&Jensen, HOPE.

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